About Joi

About Joi

Hi I am Jean-Henrick Schünemann, also known as Joi and I work as a software developer, more precisely as a frontend developer. From my point of view it was really unexpected that I ended up in this field. But first things first.

After I finished my school I was really unsure what to do in my life. I had no desire anymore to work with my brain, because I had enough of studying for school. So the decision was to take the first job I can get to make some money. I could still decide later what my real profession could be.

So I started to work as a picker in a warehouse. A picker just collects different parts from the storage and puts them in boxes. At first this job was really exhausting for me, but after a while I got used to run through the hallways the whole day. For a few months this job was really ok for me. The working hours and the salary was terrible, but at least I could work with my hands and could feel what I had done today. This was truly a good feeling. But as the time goes by I realized that this is nothing you can do for your whole life. I became more and more unsatisfied because I thought my work is not adding any value to the world. I also saw that there are already machines which could do exactly what I was doing.

With this in my mind I thought it would be great to develop such machines or work on other processes in the logistics. Studying Production & Logistics seemed to be a good option. This would be exactly what I want. But I suddenly realized that I still didn’t know what I really want. After only a few weeks of studying I quit again. It was just not what I expected and I could also not handle the freedom you have as a student. No fixed work hours and no one really cared if you are present or not.

While I was still at the university area from time to time, I saw different job postings. Some of them sounded really interesting, so I applied to some of them. Suddenly I got invited to a job interview for an apprenticeship as:

Computer Science Expert Subject Area: Software Development

I somehow managed to get the apprenticeship and I started to work in the field of software development. In this 3 years I learned a lot and had a lot of freedom to explore in certain areas. I made my first steps in Web-Development, Android-Development and also a bit of Server Management and Architecture. It was pretty good to get a general insight into the different fields of software development. For most of these fields it was just a small insight, but I was really into Android Development at that time. I could for example make a good attribution for a mobile development lecture. The students learned programming Android Applications with my Knowledge and my code examples. Truly a great feeling.

After the apprenticeship was over a colleague of mine founded a startup in the area of sensor technology and software programming (IOT) and I had the chance to be part of it as the first employee. It was a great opportunity because of the interesting field. Also there are a lot of great developers from which I could and still can learn a lot. So far it is really a great experience and I have a lot of fun and I am still learning a lot everyday.

During the apprenticeship me and Dennis were colleagues and both of us took the opportunity to hire in the startup. Together we decided to have this blog as a side project to create great articles for other developers or AI enthusiasts.

For me this is a really fascinating task, because I can work on whatever I want and can write my experience down. In addition this helps me with my English skills and my Software skills. And it’s fun too.

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